Who I am

Joost Heinsius

Joost_400Writing a blog about the values of art for society is my passion. I enjoy thinking about the interplay and tensions between artistic, social and economic values, and how policy measures influence these connections both positively and negatively. I feel at ease in these areas.

Why? Because I am curious and have broad interests. On the job, I always look for what makes people tick and then work with them (and their organization) to take the next strategic step. I have been doing this work in the cultural and creative sector for 15 years now.

What exactly is my role – consultant, developer or project leader? In fact, I am all of these things. What my role is called is less important than what I have to contribute.

Who I am is reflected in what I do. I research subjects that I am interested in and use the knowledge I acquire to effect change and give advice. I then write articles and blogs from a wider perspective and put the subject into context to move things forward.

Examples of consultancy, projects and publications:

  • The potential for cooperation between culture and business (EU project and publication Connecting Arts & Business)
  • Financing (financing mix, expert EU Crowdfunding project, developing European Guarantee Fund for the Cultural and Creative Sector, member of EU expert group)
  • Artistic interventions and crossovers (training KIS Artist in Society, ESF EQUAL project Art Works, EU project and publication Training Artists for Innovation)
  • Cultural entrepreneurship (developed Creative Co-makership, three-year programme on cultural entrepreneurship and arts education; article: Cultural Entrepreneurship Revisited)
  • Knowledge management (CIBIT training on Knowledge Management, developed Knowledge website and help desk for Kunstenaars&CO, developed BeroepKunstenaar (‘Professional Artist’) website with Amsterdam School of the Arts)
  • Working with volunteers and managing the tension between volunteers and professionals working together in one organization (publication series Werken met vrijwilligers, Basisboek Vrijwilligersmanagement (‘Working with volunteers, Basic Volunteer Management Book’))
  • Project management (book Eerst denken, dan doen (‘Think before you act’))
  • Quality assurance (Handboek Kwalteitszorg voor Vrijwilligerscentrales ‘Quality Manual for Volunteer Centres’)
  • Diversity (book Veelkleurig Organiseren (‘Multicultural Organization’), developed four-year project ‘From Talent to Profession’ for Kunstenaars&CO)

As a member of the management teams of Cultuur-Ondernemen, Kunstenaars&CO and the non-profit consultancy Stichting VrijwilligersManagement (Foundation for Volunteer Management), I gained a lot of experience in discovering and managing the connection between strategic and practical issues in an organization. I was in charge of both smaller and larger departments of these organizations, so I understand the internal problems and dilemmas facing directors and managers. How can you effectively organize the interaction between different levels of the organization? How can people work together to shape their work and future?

What fascinates me is how an organization and an individual can take charge during change. In what environment are you active? How can you exert influence? How do you respond to new requirements and changing behaviour among customers and target audiences? What fits in with the organization’s core business and what skills are needed for the future? And how can you connect the two?

I connect the organization’s inner world with the context in which it operates, assess strategic opportunities and help develop strategies and solutions. I do this by helping the organization discover its value, and by working with staff to embark on a new path. And finally I help the organization take strategic steps, through participation and co-creation, and work on common projects and on publications.

And my personal life? I lived in Amsterdam for over 40 years before making the move to Diemen, just outside of Amsterdam, with my wife and daughter. I love to read (papers, reports, literature) and have a long history of attending artistic and cultural events (modern dance, theatre, museums) – especially if they are off the beaten track.

Joost Heinsius
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