Ongoing work

  • Research into the consequences of the Corona crisis for the European Parliament
    Together with IDEAConsult, Inforelais and Goethe Institut, we are conducting research for the European Parliament into the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis for the cultural and creative sector. In January 2021, we will deliver the final report with recommendations for future policy.

  • Platform Labor Market Cultural and Creative Future (PACCT)
    PACCT was founded to improve the labor market in the cultural and creative sector in the Netherlands. Improving the labor market is a combination of long-term goals and shorter-term actions. In times of corona, I have been asked to think about the future of makers and self-employed people in particular on three topics: strengthening the earning capacity and in particular through assignments from outside the sector, the consequences of digitization and revenue models and achieving a more level playing field in social security and contract forms.

  • CreativeFLIP
    A project commissioned by the European Commission on Financing, Learning, Innovation and Patents (FLIP). Together with IDEAConsult and Sylvia Amman from InfoRelais, I am working to improve access to finance because we see that many forms of finance are underused in the cultural and creative sector. How did that happen? You must ensure that four elements work well together: the supply of financial instruments, clear information to arrive at the right facility, a good match between supply and demand and finally a policy that brings the other three elements together in a good way.
    The project is led by the Goethe Institut in Brussels.

  • RegionArts by Baltan
    This is a European Interreg project in which participants from different countries learn from each other to influence policy in their own region. The joint subject is art & ICT. I help the Dutch regional partner, Baltan Laboratories, to devise and formulate the policy with which they can exert influence in the Eindhoven region. How can we make new combinations between art and ICT more visible and effective in the region?

  • Adviser Impulse Fund Brabant at KunstLoc
    The Impulse Fund scheme is a great grant scheme in Brabant that allows makers and institutions to take the next step in their (entrepreneurial) development. I am one of the advisers there who reads applications and, together with other committee members, decides which applications will be accepted.

  • Public Conversations with socially active artists
    Together with Henk Krijnen, I am developing a program to hold a series of public conversations with a number of socially active artists about their work and their careers. What is their position in the arts sector and in society and why does the arts sector respond differently to these professionals than to ‘ordinary’ artists? In collaboration with the Boekman Foundation.

  • Grant Application The Wild West
    This neighborhood culture house in Utrecht-West is increasingly providing art and culture to neighborhood residents at the request of care and welfare organizations in the area. Het Wilde Westen wants to further develop, expand and research this art-on-prescription principle by submitting a grant application. I help them formulate their own principles and write the application.

Selection of projects completed in 2020

  • Research application Risk management & Governance
    How can we better support business leaders in the performing arts and museums in assessing financial risks in particular and how they enter this subject into discussions with their board? Commissioned by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Center for Applied Research on Business and Economics, we developed and submitted a research proposal for this together with Cultuur+Ondernemen and with the cooperation of the HKU, business leaders and sector organizations.
  • Four-year subsidy applications Rotterdam for RRKC
    The RRKC in Rotterdam advises the municipality of Rotterdam on four-year grant applications from cultural institutions. In addition to the discipline committees, there is also the Integral Committee of which I was part of. The Integral Committee, in collaboration with the office of the RRKC, develops distribution scenarios and writes reflections on the applications on subjects such as inclusivity, innovation, business management and the various codes. The members of the Council of the RRKC determine the final advice to the municipality.
  • European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and Commons Sense
    At the request of the ECF, during an online conference of the European project Cultural Creative Spaces & Cities, I told and discussed a story about the struggle on upholding your values ​​when working within existing systems. Where two roles are important and necessary: the “warrior” and the “bridge builder”.
  • Research “Capturing value by creative professionals”
    In this study, co-funded by SIA-Kiem, we looked at the way artists and creatives interact with financing. This appears to be influenced by their own knowledge of and thinking about forms of financing. In many cases, artists and creatives are financially risk averse. I coordinated the research on behalf of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Center for Applied Research on Business and Economics, in collaboration with Cultuur+Ondernemen and the lecturer in Culture & Economy at the HKU.