Posts made in December, 2014

The art of impact II, or what culture could learn from sports

Blog 30 december 2014 The arts and the sports sometimes compete on their societal impact. The sports claim cooperation, socal cohesion, learning to deal with failure and building resilience as effects of sport activity, especially through club activity. Culture claims more or less the same effects. But sports and culture handle these challenges in a completely different way. Also the sports had to deal with budget cuts. As a result, at least in the Netherlands, the spending of central government funding has retracted up the pyramid. You know that pyramid: amateurs at the base, a middle of...

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Creativity as the new ideology?

Blog 20 december 2014 Everybody loves creativity these days. There is even a whole industry sector that names itself the creative industries. Apparently creativity is in vogue. If we look at the concept of creativity it has (at least) 5 connotations. I take these from Ruben Jacobs publication Iedereen een kunstenaar (Everybody an artist), that challenges the thinking on the realtionship between art, creative industries and capitalism. Unfortunately, it is only available in Dutch ( Of course, the wording here is completely my responsability. The first connotation is...

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The art of impact I, or: why the arts now start with the impact of art

Blog 4 december 2014 Art, culture and the creative industries are high on the lists of policy makers. The cultural sector is high on the list of potential (and realised) budget cuts, the creative industries is high on the list of sectors to be praised and stimulated. And in the Netherlands is named a top sector (with 8 other sectors). The economic and social value of the creative industries has apparently been well articulated and accepted, while the value of the arts is not being seen as such. At the same time the arts form the core of the creative industries in most definitions and...

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